Meet your new producer

I'd love to collaborate with YOU! 

Collaboration is the KEY TO MAJOR SUCCESS. 

Benefit from my experience in both worlds: ARTIST and PRODUCER. 


Since I am a recording artist and songwriter myself I truly understand the challenges you're facing as an artist in 2019.  

Being rejected by a major label is a common thing and doesn't necessarily mean that your music is not good enough to find a large audience or that you can't "MAKE IT"! 


Don't get discouraged from rejection or a lack of huge attention in a fast online music world. Your time will come! 


In fact, authenticity and honesty in music have never been more meaningful and should be your main focus when writing music today.

I am willing to help you on this journey to an authentic, honest, yet meaningful and timeless record. 

I am down the same road, and I'd love to grow with you in order to leave a musical footprint that'll last. 


Let's do it. 

Let's accomplish your visions. 

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Benni Jud - "Honesty" CD

Benni Jud - Honesty CD 

Digipack + Booklet 

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